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Non-Profit Services


You just formed your non-profit with the State and you’re all ready to start soliciting funds. But can you legally? With rare exceptions, no. You must file both Form 1023, Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code AND an application with each State that you plan to solicit business in. These applications all have filing fees and the speed at which they are approved is related to the accuracy and quality of the application which you submit. We are experts in preparing these applications and with dealing with all correspondence throughout the approval process.


Raffles, a 50/50s, Coach Bag Bingos and many other fundraisers are treated as forms of gambling and fall under a State’s rules for Legalized games of Chance. These fundraisers are fully permissible, but proper applications and approvals have to be done with your State and possibly local municipality. We are experts at handling Legalized Games of Chance applications and can take this headache off your hands.


For non-profits, indirect costs are costs related to grants which are not uniquely identifiable. These are items such as your grant administration support salaries, space, supplies, communications, etc. Many grants allow you to charge an indirect cost on each grant, but only if you have an indirect rate approved by the Federal government. The application process for an indirect cost rate is very tedious and time consuming and it is often beneficial for a non-profit to outsource this task.


Grants are awards issued by the Federal, State or Local government mainly to government or non-profit entities. Both for and non-profit may also make available awards that those entities classify as grants.  We can take charge of the entire grant application or simply lend minor support to preparing financial documents. Whatever the need, our Grant Writing services can help in every aspect. We also offer services offer services with applying for a Federal Indirect Cost Rate, DUNS number, registration with the System of Awards Management (SAMS) and many other aspects your non-profit may need!