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A Non-Profits files form 990 each year and the vast majority of what is filed is available for public inspection. Donors are becoming more cautious every day and donors both big and small routinely uses resources such as GuideStar to review a non-profit’s form 990 and Charity Navigator to review a non-profits ranking before the donor makes a donation. For that reason, your Form 990 should not only be filed timely, but also be accurate and tell a compelling story. We are experts at filing Form 990 and we also offer consulting services to help you increase your ranking on Charity Navigator.


Single member LLC’s are treated as sole-proprietorship for tax purposes and reported on Schedule C. Multi-member LLC’s and Partnerships file a separate partnership tax return and distribute K-1’s to each partner. The deadline to file these returns is March 15. The K-1’s are a pertinent part of a partner’s personal income tax filing, and therefore we believe it’s imperative to meet this deadline and avoid extensions.


C-Corporations and S-Corporations each have both unique tax advantages and disadvantages that are not eligible to other business forms. Corporate taxation is one of the most complex areas of the tax code which is why we spend many hours each year keeping ourselves up to date with the ever changing tax code. We work with you to have these returns filed by March 15 of each year and do everything possible to avoid extensions.


Sales Tax is a money that you hold in trust to pay over to the proper taxing authority on a timely basis. Failure to pay this money over can leave responsible parties of the business both personally and criminally responsible. Yes, you can go to jail over failure to pay over sales tax which you collected! We offer sales tax filing services for clients both for for clients where we perform monthly bookkeeping, as well as small business who maintain their own books.