Pink Harbor, CPA


Accounting Services


Often a business needs on-site or remote controller and comptroller services for only a limited time. Your need could be for a short term project or to come in one or two days a month. You’re often challenged with getting someone who is excellent, cost effective and will show up consistently. We offer part time controller and comptroller services on a short term contracted basis that fill your need. Whether it’s one day a month or for a 10 day project – we can help. Our pricing is surprising more affordable than you may think!


A properly written and well executed Business Plan is a company’s road map for success. A business plan is also a typical basic requirement when seeking financing such as private lending, bank lending and SBA loans. A business plan consists of various sections such as a marketing plan, a personnel plan, budgets and projections, an executive summary, a market analysis and so on. Our firm is poised to assist you write a business plan that’s as streamlined or as detailed as you may need.


Often a business or non-profit find that they lack an area of expertise to fulfill a particular need. Often these needs are rare and it’s not cost effective to hire your own staff. As a firm with vast experience and education, we have expertise in many various areas. Our business consultants are here to help you. Whether it’s something as minor as determining what price point to sell your products, or as complex as determining how to increase overall profitability – our consultants are here to assist.


Properly creating and annual or rolling budget is one of the most important aspects of a business’ success. A budget is often the first step in a business plan. Without having measurable financial goals it is very difficult for a business to stay on track and grow. For a new of small business the idea of creating a budget can seem too overwhelming. We offer annual budgeting services and periodic rolling budget services to assist you with this need.


Many States and Municipalities have laws that regulate contractors that perform services for the public and industry. An application has to be completed and all required documentation for the application approval must be submitted. We routinely prepare these complex contractor license applications and assist you with obtaining all required paperwork and insurances.


We are a Quickbooks Online Gold Certified Pro-Advisor and offer services for initial Quickbooks Set-up and general support. These services can either be done remotely or on site at your location. We can also assist with linking together Quickbooks and your bank accounts so that transactions seamlessly import. We can also departmentalize your financial records so that you can determine your profitability per inventory piece, job and profit center.


We perform Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Bookkeeping Services for small to medium sized businesses. As part of these services, we also prepare sales tax filings and determine estimated income tax liabilities. Our services can be as simple as making minor modifications to your internal books to produce a financial statement, or full charge services where we prepare bank reconciliations and prepare workpapers. We also produce financial statements for management’s internal use.